History and the spirit

Geschäftsführer Jürgen Wimmer

Managing director
Juergen Wimmer

Before a century, In the year of 1898, the Wimmer GmbH started with its production. The founder Franz Wimmer mainly dealt with the preparation of Glanzfibre. From the first day, reliability, rapidity and the contact to the costumers were the most important principles of the company. As time pasts, the company expended and added other materials to its offer, but its spirit remained until today.

This traditional company, which is now leaded in the fourth generation by Jürgen Wimmer, offers a wide product rage. From its location in the South of Germany, the Wimmer GmbH delivers its products, like synthetic filaments, animal hair, natural fibres, wire and special mixtures to customers all over the world.

Our long tradition and experiences give us the ability to be your competent partner in all matters dealing with brush raw material.