In the brush industry, the tail and mane hair is used predominately for production. It mostly comes from China or South America. After the cutting, the hair gets boiled and disinfected. According to the horse breed, there are hair in different colours from black to red-brown and blonde. In addition, there is the possibility to bleach or dye the hair. Horse hair is used for hand brooms and brushes.

We offer horse hair in diverse colours and lengths.

Cattle hair are mainly imported from South America. They exist in the colours of white, brown and black and are more smooth than horse hair. They are especially used for indoor brooms.

We deliver cattle hair in different colours and lengths.

Cattle hair

Usually we get goat hair from China or South America. They are collected during the leather production or the shearing. Goat hair are smooth and absorb all kinds of dust, which is the reason why you find goat hair in many household brushes.

At our company, you can get goat hair in different colours and lengths.

Normally we receive the pig bristles from China. Compared to hair, bristles are more stiff and do not have an even thickness. Chungking bristles can be bought in white, brown, grey, blonde or black colours. They are often used in hair brushes.

The Calcutta bristles constitute a special kind of pig bristles. They descend from wild pigs and are extremely stiff.

We offer Chungking in diverse colours and length.

The yak is a special kind of cattle, which lives in the highland of central Asia. It has a very thick fur, which consists of multiple layers. Especially the long, firm hair is used for brushes. The hair colour varies from dark brown to black.

We deliver Yak hair in different colours and lengths.